Ground Rules & Competition

Pack 127 Pinewood Derby Rules

1.    The car weight shall not exceed 5.0 ounces. The official race scale shall be considered final.

2.    The overall length of the car shall not exceed 7 inches.

3.    The overall width of the car shall not exceed 2 ¾ inches.

4.    The car must have 1 ¾” clearance between the wheels.

5.    The car must have 3/8” clearance underneath the body.

6.    The wood provided in the kit must be used. The block may be shaped any way that is desired.

7.    The wheels supplied with the kit must be used. The wheels may not be cut, drilled, beveled, rounded, or made narrower. You may sand the seam from the wheels and polish the wheels.

8.    The axles supplied with the kit must be used. They may be sanded, polished, and lubricated.

9.    Only dry lubricant is allowed, such as dry graphite or powdered Teflon.

10.  Wheel bearings, washers or bushings are prohibited.

11.  Axles and wheels shall be only as provided in the Official Grand Prix Pinewood Derby Kit.

12.  The car must not ride on any type of springs.

13.  The car must be freewheeling, with no starting devices.

14.  The front and back axles cannot be more than the standard 4 3/8” apart.

15.  The car body may have no moving parts.

16.  No propellants of any kind.

17.  Construction of all entries must have begun after last year's races.

18.  Details such as the steering wheel, driver, decals, painting, and interior detail are permissible as long as these details do not exceed the maximum length, width, and weight specifications

19.  If, during a race, a car leaves the track without interfering with its opponent, it shall be considered to have ended its heat at that point.

20.  If a car leaves its lane, at his sole discretion, the track chairman may inspect the track and, if a track fault is found which probably caused the initial violation, the track chairman may order the race to be rerun after the track is repaired.

21.  If, during a race, no car reaches the finish line on the track, the car which went the farthest in its lane shall be declared as the heat winner.

22.  If, during a race, a car leaves its lane and, in so doing, interferes with another racer, then the car at fault shall be declared to have lost the race heat.

23.  If the car loses a wheel, or is otherwise damaged, the racer shall have 5 minutes to make repairs. Each car must pass inspection by the official inspection committee before it will be allowed to compete. The Inspection Committee has the responsibility to disqualify those cars that do not meet these specifications.  To enter the race, cars must have passed inspection and be registered by the Final Inspection Deadline at 3:00 PM.  No cars may be altered in any way after it has been registered. 

24.  Open class: siblings, parents, friends, and other family members follow the same rules as above.

25.  “Bandit” class:  no rules - just don't break the track.